Friday, September 18, 2015

S.E.M. Torah for Shabbat Shuva

Please click here to listen to S.E.M. Torah for Shabbat Shuva from Rav Gershon Turetsky.

For more S.E.M. Torah, please click here.

S.E.M. Torah is a series of brief divrei Torah delivered by various members of the faculty of Sha’alvim for Women.

S.E.M. stands (good-humoredly) for "Squeezing Every Minute" and represents an important philosophy at SFW: every minute counts and every minute can be used productively. Torah must be learned deeply and profoundly on the highest levels possible. However, even when you find that you have only a few moments, we believe that opportunities - like listening to this S.E.M. Torah - are always available…. if you know where to look!