Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rabbi Moshe Gersht- Succos Inspired! Finding Meaning in the Joy

On Thursday morning we were privileged to welcome Rabbi Moshe Gersht to our Sukkot Yom Iyun. Rabbi Gersht gave new meaning to the holiday of Sukkot, with words of torah based on his new book Succos Inspired.  

The SFW Guest Speaker Program for 5776 is generously sponsored by an anonymous family.

Please click here to listen to the shiur.

Rabbi Moshe Gersht is the author of Succos Inspired, Discovering Depth, Joy and Meaning. His book brings new meaning and a different perspective to the holiday of Sukkot. Originally from LA, Rabbi Gersht now lives in Jerusalem, Israel. His torah is inspired by the Ramchal, Maharal and the chassidic masters.