Friday, November 13, 2015

Mrs. Sara Leah Haber at SFW

We heard a moving sicha from Mrs. Sara Leah Haber, beloved former teacher of many of our students at SKA and wife of our very own Rabbi Yakov Haber. Mrs. Haber talked very personally and very openly about her special, special-needs son and the life lessons he has taught her. 

To hear the sicha, please click here.

We appreciate Mrs. Haber’s openness and candor. We are especially grateful for her ability to enable us to appreciate every single person in our own lives.

Mrs. Sara Leah Haber received her BA from Stern College in Judaic Studies and Biology and her Masters in Jewish Education from Azrieli Graduate School. Before making aliyah in 2007, Mrs. Haber taught, was a grade advisor and planned programs in SKA in NY. Mrs. Haber is also very involved with the Son-Rise Program for autistic children.