Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SFW Chanukah Carnival in Sderot's Secure Playground Recreation Center

Over Chanukah, SFW brought ruach and joy to the children of S'derot in their Secure Playground Recreation Center in Sderot.

Bringing our ruach and our energy - along with all of the supplies necessary for a full-blown Chanukah carnival - SFW came to Sderot with one goal in mind: to bring simcha to the children of Sderot after weeks and years of trauma and fear.

And what a simcha it was (click here for more pictures) and see a video of the special SFW girls and this wonderful experience below....

The children from Sderot and its environs enjoyed face-painting, dreidel spinning, bowling, sufganiya-decorating, arts and crafts, basketball, ping-pong, singing, dancing and lots, lots more in a fully- protected environment.

Yossi Swissa, general manager of the Sderot
Secure Playground Area, addresses
the SFW students
Yossi Swissa, the general manager of the facility, addressed the girls at the end of the day. He said, "Children all around the world want only one thing: to laugh. It has been hard for the children in Sderot to do that these last few weeks. They got the opportunity to do that again because of the immense chessed of the young women of Sha'alvim for Women. Thank you!"

(Please click here and here for more information on this wonderful place.)

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the following families that helped defray the costs of this outstanding program!

- Lyons Family (for a refuah shelaima for Daniel Avraham Raphael Ben Rachel)
- Shapiro Family (dedicated to Rabbi Menachem Leibtag who is now inspiring a second generation of the Shapiro family)
- Meyer Family (l'zecher nishmat Avraham ben Efraim (Daniella (SFW ‘13) paternal grandfather - Arne Meyer) and l'zecher nishmat Hene Rachel bat Nachman Leib (Daniella’s maternal grandmother - Ruth Windwehr)
- Bierig Family (in honor of their children Eli, Rena (SFW ‘13), Yael, and Yonah)
- Wietschner Family (in memory of Danielle (SFW ‘13) maternal grandfather, Avraham Yosef Ben Yisrael Shalom)
- Bodoff Family (to commemorate the 10th yahrtzeit of Col. Dror Weinberg, Ariella (SFW ’12, ‘13) step-uncle and commander of the Hevron Brigade, click here)
- Stark Family (dedicated to Lola Stark (Cayley's (SFW ‘13) Bubbe who, after Auschwitz, came to Israel)
- Lerner Family (in memory of my mother and Rachael Lerner’s (SFW ‘13) grandmother Sara Raiza Frankel a”h who passed away 3 weeks ago.)
- Sima, Richard, Eliana and Yonah Soskin (in honor of the brave Chayalim who stand on guard in defense of Eretz Yisrael every day and night and in honor of all the children of Sderot.)
- Chesir Family (in memory of Adina (SFW ’13) grandparents, Selma and Morton Rosenbloom)

May this wonderful chesed - bringing simcha and joy to the children of S’derot and its environs - be a z’chut for all of the above!